Francis Bosah

Promotion of pesticide-free Agriculture, Urban Farming International

I work as an Independent (Innovative & Alternative Technology Introduction) Consultant and Activist for the Environmental Public Health & Agricultural spaces; a Pesticide Activist/Risk Analyst and an industry disruptor with a rich, growing and shareable knowledge and practical experience in pesticide reduction and replacement processes with a strong focus on protecting the pesticide most vulnerable populations including farmers, fetuses, infants, children, pregnant moms, the elderly, and those living with compromised immune systems from the putative risks associated with the use and misuse of synthetic volatile chemical pesticide poisons, as well as helping Agricultural growers to increase yields and at the same time achieve low-to-zero pesticide residue in harvested crops.  I remain an all-round asset to every concerned public health expert, environmentalist, policy maker, pest management innovator/product researcher/manufacturer, farmer, educator, environmentally kind company/organization, school, homeowner and parent.   

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