Joseph Denougbeto

President, NGO La Grande Puissance de Dieu

I asked our Benin government about the Lead Paint regulation, the Mercury regulation, the Special POPs regulation and Marine Litters regulation. The government is working already for the Lead paint regulation, for the Mercury regulation and for the Special POPs regulation. The Mercury regulation and the Special POPs regulation are already budgeted and if there was not COVID-19 pandemic there would have a substantial progress for those regulations. I organized campaigns for sensitizing students in  schools about climate change, lead paint and mercury. I sensitized building painters about lead paint and  I made paint companies aware of the reduction of lead in their paint products in 2018. In 2019 in october I organized a workshop for building  painters of the painters union in Cotonou town in  Benin. This workshop received the government representative who opened the event. this event  was organized as part of the international week for the prevention of lead paint poisoning initiated by the World Alliance for the prevention and elimination of lead paints. In 2017 I prevented my country from importing a dangerous pesticides from UK

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