Leslie Adogame

Executive Director, Sustainable Research and Action for Environmental Development

The organisation work on chemicals over the years has been tremendously useful to both national government policy issues and industry's processes towards environment. As the NGO SAICM focal point on chemicals and waste, our studies in lead in paint formed the basis for the current 90ppm mandatory standard in place as well as the ongoing regulation by the appropriate agency. Our past case studies on mercury added products and its associated advocacy work assisted the Nigerian government in the ratification and the current implementation of the minamata convention. The organisation's strong national campaign, studies and advocacy has been the main driver towards the corporate accountability of industries in Nigeria, particularly, in lead acid recycling and lead in paint elimination sectors. Our chemicals work through international networks like IPEN, ZMWG, WAMFD etc past 15 years has been very useful in the current regulatory framework in the country. Our work pioneered the lead in paint elimination, mercury-free dentistry campaign, Ban plastics campaign, and many others, current ongoing in Nigeria.

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