International Society of Exposure Science (ISES) Europe 2020 Strategic Workshop Program

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The scattered yet interconnected regulatory landscape in Europe, but also initiatives to move toward a safe, secure and sustainable Europe by 2030 pose unique challenges and needs for exposure science from research to application in industry and policy. In response to these challenges and needs, several European stakeholders are currently developing in a joint effort an exposure science strategy for Europe under the umbrella of the Europe Regional Chapter of the International Society of Exposure Science (ISES Europe).

As part of this effort, a strategic workshop was organized, hosted at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (EC DG JRC), to advance on the next steps toward developing this strategy and anchoring it in European policy and regulation landscape.

Workshop objectives

  1. Discuss and draft strategic key recommendations for upcoming European research needs in exposure science and for policy improvements feeding into the EU 2030 ambitions for chemicals management;
  2. Facilitate the ambition and implementation of actions aimed to simplify, enhance efficiency, integrate, create and use new knowledge along the principles of a safe, secure, green and circular European society;
  3. Align expected outputs from the various ISES-Europe working groups and any other stakeholders and contributors around the effort for building an exposure science strategy for Europe, and publish the progress achieved in a dedicated special issue of the ISES Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (JESEE).

Event details