Online discussion: Setting low limits for lead in paint – legal side

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The Secretariat of the Strategic Approach to Chemicals Management (SAICM) and the University of Cape Town (UCT) are launching a new Community of Practice (CoP) on Lead in Paint to bring representatives from different sectors together and to create a learning network around issues related to the elimination of Lead Paint.

The next session will be held on 18 August at 16:00-17:30 Central European Time (CET) and will discuss “Setting low limits for lead in paint – legal side”. Participation is open to the public upon registration as a member of the community of practice. Presenters will include: Desiree Narvaez, UNEP; Angel Bandemehr, US EPA, Chair of the Lead Paint Alliance; Steve Wolfson, US EPA; Amanda Rawls, ABA-ROLI.

The SAICM Secretariat invites you to register to join the Community of Practice on Lead in Paint so that you can participate in regular online discussions facilitated by recognized experts in the subject. By signing up, you will receive invitations to the upcoming discussions and their summary digests upon conclusion of the discussion.

Register here to join the Lead in Paint CoP.

*Update: a summary of the key points raised in the discussion, the introductory presentation and reference material can be downloaded below.

Event details

  • August 18, 2020

  • MS Teams (Upon registration)

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