Webinar: Chemicals and gender – why it matters?

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You are kindly invited you to join once a month for 45 min on gender equality and its interconnection to the world of chemistry. Every last Tuesday at 2pm CEST, there will be opportunities to learn from experts and discuss how it is possible to create a gender-responsive future framework for the sound management of chemicals and waste.

Every last Tuesday of the month – at 2 pm CEST:

  • WEBINAR 1 – 28th of July: Chemicals and gender – why it matters?
  • WEBINAR 2 – 25th of Aug: Gender and chemicals in different sectors
  • WEBINAR 3 – 29th of Sept: Gender and chemicals in practice
  • WEBINAR 4 – 27th of Oct: Gender and Green and Sustainable Chemistry
  • WEBINAR 5 – 24th of Nov: Gender in the UN System – why it’s important for SAICM 
  • WEBINAR 6 – 22nd of Dec: Gender and SAICM Beyond 2020 

Register now: WEBINAR 1: Chemicals and gender – why it matters? 

28th of July, 02 – 2.45 pm CEST

The first webinar introduces you to the complex world of chemistry and its gender aspects. It gives you a first overview of our new webinar series and highlights why gender matters in regard to exposure and the future sound management of chemicals and waste. 


  • Anna Holthaus – MSP Institute
  • Nalini Sharma – SAICM Secretariat Coordinator 
  • Jutta Emig – German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Please find more information and register here:

Webinars will be held via Zoom. Registered participants will receive individual access information via email, prior to the webinars. Please kindly email anna.holthaus[at] if you have any questions.

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  • July 28, 2020

  • Zoom

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