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Mapping session of Chemicals in Products Globally


Mapping session of Chemicals in Products Globally

The SAICM Secretariat, in partnership with the University of Cape Town, established a community of practice on Chemicals in Products to bring representatives from different sectors together and to create a learning network around issues related to addressing Chemicals in Products (CiP). This is a summary of the discussion on Mapping session of Chemicals in Products Globally, which took place on 17 September 2020.

Presenters: Sandra Avérous Monnery (UNEP), Wenjia Fan (UNEP)

The aim of this discussion was to learn about how the existing Chemicals in Products (CiP) Programme works, mapping out relevant initiatives related to CiP, considering ways to increase the availability and reliability of information on chemicals in products. It also provided an opportunity to understand the successes and the challenges that stakeholders face, and in turn, to explore the further needs to support chemicals in products contribution to the sound lifecycle management of chemicals.

Detailed Intentions included i) information exchange (and highlighting how to access information), and bring to attention existing legislations, regulations and policies that have been adopted in countries, regions and sectors that can be learned from or used as examples; ii) Sharing resources and initiatives to support work on managing and reducing risks related to chemicals in products; iii) providing suggestions for further needs; and iv) sharing achievements and challenges, and recommendations for improvement on the sound management of chemicals in products.