Anna Holthaus

Project Coordinator at MSP Institute eV

Since 2018, I am working on the integration of gender equality in the sound management of chemicals and waste for the MSP Institute. I was involved in different networks on gender and sustainability as well as gender and climate change before.

I believe without gender justice, the implementation of the global sustainability goals is not possible. Gender Mainstreaming helps to uncover the causes of problems, find alternative solutions and counteract injustices.

This also applies to the sustainable use of chemicals and the goal of a healthy planet. There is a number of gender aspects relevant to chemicals and chemicals and waste management. However, many of them are not receiving the attention they should in order to ensure the best possible decisions in policy-making and effective implementation. I aim to change that so that we can create a gender-just healthy planet for all.

I hold a master’s degree in governing sustainability (M.A.,2017) and a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences (B.Sc.,2015). 

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