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+ Capacity building
+ Chemicals in products
+ Circularity
+ Consumer information
+ Eco-innovation
+ Environmental chemistry
- Gender mainstreaming
Minu Hemmati, Associate, MSP Institute e.V.Alexandra Caterbow, Co-Director at HEJSupportHanna Andrea Rother, Professor and Head, Environmental Health Division, University of Cape Town - South AfricaOlga Speranskaya, Co-director, Senior advisor at HEJSupport/Eco-Accord/IPENAdetonah Sounkoura, Director of GAPROFFA - BeninAnna Holthaus, Project Coordinator at MSP Institute eV
+ Greenhouse gas emissions
+ Highly Hazardous Pesticides
+ Knowledge sharing and technology
+ Lead in paint
+ Lead-acid batteries
+ Lifecycle
+ Mercury
+ Nanotechnology
+ Partnerships
+ Pharmaceutical Pollutants
+ Plastics
+ Policy development
+ Science-policy
+ Sustainable development
+ Waste management