Colombia Limits Lead Paint in Children’s Items

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By IISD’s SDG Knowledge Hub , August 13, 2020

Colombia has adopted a law limiting the use of lead paint, particularly in items used by children. The law cites “the right of persons to develop physically and intellectually in a lead-free environment.”

The Lead in Paint Bill adopted on 27 July 2020 prohibits the use, manufacture, import, or marketing of articles that contain lead exceeding 99 ppm (0.009%), especially in elements of direct or frequent contact by children. It also calls for blood tests in children to determine their level of lead exposure, sets out national responsibilities for treating exposure cases. 

According to a press release from the Colombian legislature, President Iván Duque highlighted the importance of the law for protecting children in the country, as well as protecting the environment. He said, “We are responding to a young country that wants to see a more positive evolution in the protection of the environment.”  

Senator Nadia Blel said the law ensures that “children will be able to live without fear that their toys, colors, the paintings in their houses will become a threat to their health.”

Led by Colombia’s Ministry of the Environment, the government will have one year to develop environmental monitoring protocols for industries that include lead and its compounds in their processes.