Lead Paint Alliance Highlights Success Stories Ahead of Week of Action

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By IISD’s SDG Knowledge Hub , October 25, 2020

Ahead of the eighth International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint (Lead Paint Alliance) has highlighted a number of success stories from 2019, and other continued progress towards lead paint laws around the world.

The September 2020 edition of the Lead Paint Alliance newsletter reports that in Georgia, a lecture at the Tbilisi State Medical University addressed medical students' role in raising the public’s awareness about the harmful effects of lead-containing paints. In the Russian Federation, a multi-stakeholder roundtable discussed loopholes in current legislation and ways to improve it. In Viet Nam, a study showed the presence of lead in paint used in a preparatory school and a child’s home in Hai Hau district in Nam Dinh province. In Mexico, a study on the lead content of playground equipment in Zapopan and Guadalajara showed that 25% of sampled playground equipment contained lead levels above 100,000 ppm. 

The newsletter also reports on continued progress towards lead paint laws. In Colombia, the Congress passed a bill regulating various aspects of lead contaminants, including in paint. The bill sets a transitory limit of 90 ppm. Pakistan shared details of its mandatory standard on lead paint, with a 100 ppm limit. In Honduras, the Ministry of the Environment held a virtual consultation with relevant government ministries and stakeholders on regulating lead in paint. Viet Nam published its draft national technical standard about lead limits in paint for public comment.

The eighth International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (ILPPW or Week of Action) is taking place from 25-31 October 2020. Governments, civil society organizations, health partners, and industry are organizing campaigns throughout the week, with registered events scheduled to take place in around 40 countries. The Alliance has made available new guidance on advocacy and awareness-raising for organizing a targeted campaign on lead paint, as well as a package of customizable materials to support partners planning ILPPW activities.

Established in 2011, ILPPW is an initiative of the Lead Paint Alliance, which is jointly led by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Alliance promotes the global phase-out of lead paint through establishing legally binding measures to stop the manufacture, import, export, distribution, sale, and use of lead paints in every country. [SDG Knowledge Hub story on ILPPW2020]