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Q&A: Lead and Lead Paint

Questions & Answers on Lead

Questions and answers on lead from the World Health Organization:

What is lead?
What is lead poisoning?
What are the health effects of lead exposure?
What are the costs associated with lead exposure?
What are the sources of human exposure to lead?
How important are used lead-acid batteries as a source of lead exposure?
What is lead paint?
Why is lead paint an important source of human exposure?
What are the economic costs of lead paint?
What is the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint and what are its aims?
What can Member States do to eliminate lead in paint?
How will the elimination of lead paint contribute to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
What is International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week?
What can I do?
How is WHO tackling the problem of lead and its effects on health?
What are the health effects of lead exposure?

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