Mehrnoosh Azodi

Consultant at the SAICM secretariat

How does your work on chemicals contribute to a healthier environment?

I facilitate the role of the private sector engagement in meeting the SAICM objectives toward the sound management of chemicals and waste. My role involves the coordination of the joint projects of UNEP with the chemical industry partner (International Council of Chemical Associations) in several countries including China, India, Tanzania and Argentina on topics such as United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, circular economy, knowledge and information sharing and plastic waste. Part of my responsibility includes the development of a reporting framework to measure the contributions of the chemicals sector to the UN SDGs.

Furthermore, I am the lead author of the progress report in Strategic Approach implementation for two consecutive periods of 2014-2016 and 2017-2019 (under development). I also support the SAICM beyond 2020 process including development of modalities to assess the progress, the third session of the OEWG, third and fourth sessions of the Intersessional Process.

I believe in the power of the sectors and stakeholders working together for the common goal of a healthy environment. Through forging partnerships and coordinating multi-stakeholder projects on capacity building for chemical management and waste, I am hoping to contribute to this goal.

I hold a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from McGill University, Canada. During my PhD, I worked on the fate of heavy metal nanoparticles in the environment in order to understand their potential impacts on both the ecosystem and the health. I have published several research articles on nanomaterials in international and scientific journals. I also have a master’s degree in Nanotechnology and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

I am passionate about the role of science and research in shaping environmental policies.

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