People working for a healthier environment

People listed below indicated that their work or research on chemicals and waste contributes to a healthier and safer environment.

The SAICM Secretariat created this network to promote knowledge exchange and communication among professionals working on the sound management of chemicals and waste. If you are interested in connecting with one of the professionals in this network working on a specific topic (lead in paint, chemicals in products, gender, capacity building, etc), click on their profile and send your request via their own contact form. 

The SAICM Secretariat will review your message and forward it to the relevant expert.

If you are also working on chemicals for a healthier environment, please tell us more about you and your work here.

Please note that being listed as "people working for a healthier environment" on this website in no way implies endorsement by UNEP/SAICM.  

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Angela Bandemehr
Angela BandemehrInternational Program Manager, United States Environmental Protection Agency
Agustín Harte
Agustín HarteTechnical coordinator at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development - Argentina
Bettina Heller
Bettina HellerProgramme Officer, Consumption and Production Unit at UNEP
Anna Holthaus
Anna HolthausProject Coordinator at MSP Institute eV
Amélie Ritscher
Amélie RitscherChemicals of Concern in Products Analyst, IICA, Chemicals and Health Branch, UNEP
Hanna Andrea Rother
Hanna Andrea RotherProfessor and Head, Environmental Health Division, University of Cape Town - South Africa
Olga Speranskaya
Olga SperanskayaCo-director, Senior advisor at HEJSupport/Eco-Accord/IPEN
Marijana Todorovic
Marijana TodorovicAssociate Expert at SAICM Secretariat, Chemicals and Health Branch, UNEP
Sonia Valdivia
Sonia ValdiviaProgram Manager at World Resources Forum
Lynn Wagner
Lynn WagnerSenior Director, SDG Knowledge and Interim Director, Reporting Services
Feng Wang
Feng WangProgramme Officer, Life Cycle Initiative Unit, Economy Division, UNEP